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Dvarly's mission is to help make Torah learning engaging and accessible for everyone.

We can't do this alone! Our partners provide invaluable Torah content online, and we're working together to highlight the best and most relevant ideas for readers like you. You can search on Dvarly for their dvar Torahs and can upvote each one you read with a "Yashar koach!" as a token of gratitude to the author. Further, because everyone is drawn to different kinds of dvar Torahs, you can upvote in additional categories, such as "Inspiring", "Relevant", and "Text-based".

The more that you read, share, and upvote, the better Dvarly gets at personalizing results. By using Dvarly, you'll be helping other Jews find Torah ideas that inspire them, and hopefully you too will learn something along the way.

The Dvarly team is made up of students and professionals who are passionate about Torah and software. We work on Dvarly as a side project because we see so much potential in its mission. And because it's fun :)

Do you too believe in the cause? Help Dvarly and growing Jews like you by reading, sharing, and upvoting! If you'd like to donate, consider donating to our partners instead. We are grateful for all the heavy lifting they do by providing great content. Donation links to our partners' websites can be found at the top of each dvar.

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If you have questions, feedback, or interest in joining our team, you can reach us at hello@dvarly.com. If you're interested in integrating your Torah content, feel free to check out Partner with Dvarly for more information.